About BosunCam

Bosun's Mate
Both born in 1995 – Bosun’s Mate – my 1995 Defender 90 and Arran Whisky – one of my favourites

For 2018 I have changed the format of the BosunCam website. I am returning to my roots and displaying a selection of the photographs I like, from both myself and Sue.

For the last few years I have concentrated on Land Rover Club and National events and tried to put up images of everyone at the trials and a selection of images from around the event venues.

I have been the Official Photographer at the ALRC National Rallies from 2012 to 2016 and previously displayed these images with a “Buy Now” button so that competitors and their families could see what they had achieved and keep a reminder for very reasonable prices.

Don’t worry – much of these image galleries are still to be seen on the BosunCam website – just take a look in the ARCHIVE on the top menu.

There is no longer an online shop but you are free to download the images and use as you wish for non commercial purposes. Please credit BosunCam.

Ralph Coulson runs BosunCam together with his wife, Sue. The website was statrted way back in 2002 and over the years grew to hold a massive 250,000 files. (Not all photographs).

As you can imagine, it takes a lot to manage such a library and at the end of 2017 decisions needed to be made. The hosting company had a limit of 250,000 files so I needed to either rationalise, (by deleting older galleries) or move to a new provider. Eventually after some pruning I decided to do both, to move host to one which could handle more files and to also remove much of the very old and lower resolution files.

Today you will find a few years of ALRC National Rally galleries and some recent Essex Land Rover Club events in the Archive pages.

In the early days, I also used to shoot video at some of the events. With the purchase of a camera drone in 2017 I have also now started to re-investigate this side of my photography hobby. Whilst mainly used for aerial still shots, the opportunity for dramatic angles and motion is not to be missed.



Sony a77-II digital SLR (Ralph)

Lenses: 10-20 Sigma, 16-105 Sony, 90 Macro Tamron, 70-400 Sony G

Nikon D3300 digital SLR (Sue)

Lenses: 18-200 Nikon VR, 60 Macro Nikon


DJI Mavic Pro with 12 mega pixel stills and 4K video capability


Defender 90 – 300TDi (The red one) Goes by the name of BOSUN’S MATE

Defender 90 – 200 TDi (The blue one) Known as FEEGLE

Series III – 2.25 Diesel (My original Landy) Was known as BOSUN from his number plate

Series II – 2.25 Petrol (Sue’s first trialler) She named him TRUCKLE after Truckle the Uncivil in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels.