2018 National at Stainby

Last year we were away on our epic tour of Scotland and so we missed attending the 2017 ALRC National, it was the first one we had missed since 2004. The previous five years we had provided the role of official photography with pictures on display in the beer tent in the evening.

This year the plan was to just take a few pictures and have a more relaxing event. As usual once we were there and had our cameras out we just couldn’t help ourselves! It is always nice to be out there taking the pictures and talking to everyone.

With no printing to worry about we were able to take a more leisurely approach to the evenings! It was certainly good to have time to chat with the rest of team Essex.

Having just sold our caravan we had booked B & B at a local hostelry less than 5 miles up the road which worked really well. It also meant that packing up was really easy. When we had finished taking pictures of the Comp. we just got into Bosun and Feegle and drove home.

As usual we had loads of pictures to sort through. We try to get something of every driver but it is not always possible. The new look website seems to be working well. Uploading the images is so much easier and there is a huge time saving. I hope everyone enjoys looking through the images we have taken.