Scotland 2017

A combination of a trip to Scotland with the Essex Land Rover Club in the first week followed by another week driving the epic North Coast 500. In true BosunCam tradition we turned this into another epic by adding extra days to visit some of the Scottish islands.

ELRC Twenty 17 Galloway Cairngorm ExcursionGalloway Cairngorm Excursion - Sue had organised this trip as it was previously stated that there would be no ELRC laning holliday this year. Several months in the planning came to fruition as 8 couples and (most of) thier vehicles travelled north for two days of guided off-road driving in the Galloway Forest Park and trips deep into private estate and Forrestry Commision areas normally unavailable to the public. Nick and Linda from 4x4 Treks Galloway together with Hugh from Far x 4 were our guides for two days of fantastic views and great driving in this vast area of natural beauty.

Cairngorm with Highland 4x4 - Part two of our adventure took us another 280 miles further up into the Cairngorm area just below Inverness. Ian at Highland All Terrain was our guide and took us to remote mountainous areas where we were able to drive on gleaming white inland beaches, have lunch at a remote bothy, and climb to over 2,400 feet on the grouse moors. Helped by Grant and Dave we all had a fantastic time before heading our separate ways at the end of the week.

North Coast 500 + IslesNorth Coast 500 + Isles - BosunCam (Sue and Ralph) together with our friends Alison and Andrew from Devon decided that since we had already travelled so far from our homes that we would add an extra dimension to our holiday by driving the now much lauded NC500. Ralph of course planned the route and added 5 ferries and 3 islands to the trip. Staying in small hotels and B&Bs we were very relaxed in enjoying the fantastic scenery and perfect peace and quiet that this area of Scotland has to offer.

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